C.R.E.A.T.E, Inc. was founded in 1975 to carry out the mission of providing a variety of services that allow individuals to make responsible decisions about the roles mood-altering chemicals play in our lives.

Philosophy: CHEMICALS are powerful things that affect us in many, different ways…we drink coffee in the morning to perk up our day, water when we are thirsty, add sugar if something needs to be sweeter. All these things are chemicals playing a role in our lives. In present days, our culture has taken a hyper-vigilant look at what we put in our bodies. We need to add mood altering chemical use to this vigilance.

Nobody can say we lead a chemical-free life, but some of us can say we need to explore our chemical health to see if it is the chemicals leading our lives–or if we are free of chemical health problems. If you have not heard the term CHEMICAL HEALTH before, it is probably because C.R.E.A.T.E. is the agency that encouraged the use of this phrase. It mirrors how we look at any disease as a continuum of relationships people have towards chemicals.


We have seen how people can move both ways on that continuum much as they can be ill mentally and then have no mental health problems once they get the help needed. Or, in medical terms, people are not stuck  on one part of the continuum of CHEMICAL HEALTH. We each have the ability to move on that continuum just as we have the ability to change. It is not impossible to change a harmful thing into a less harmful and even to no harm to us whatsoever. We know because we see it all the time. And, just as a person who has diabetes will have to address how the body reacts to the absence or presence of sugar or insulin, a person who has a severe chemical health problem characterized by an inability to stop using once starting or consistently having problems related to using has a unique condition which is called “a brain disease”. This may sound scary to some but it is really the way we can tell the difference between the chemical abuser, the occasional problematic user and the medical condition of dependency which is triggered in the brain of a chemically dependent person. This condition is best dealt with by first abstaining from the chemicals and then having a clear mind with which to make the decisions needed to get on track towards a healthy life.